We understand how stock market investors analyze companies and consume services - from their highest-level thematic views down to the minutiae of their earnings models and voting for service providers. Our twenty years’ experience as investors at some of the world’s largest investment funds provides us with unique insight into how investors think about the investments they make and the services they procure during their investment process.

This insight translates into valuable knowledge and actionable ideas for our clients.  From activist mediation to M&A strategy, earnings call preparation and management/ analyst coaching, we help our clients position their companies for greatest understanding by investors.  We pioneered the most successful kind of investor relations – the kind informed by nearly 20 years of buying and selling stocks.

Is your stock not reflecting the value you and your board believe it’s worth?  Is your story confusing or has it been plagued by a few challenging quarters?  Are activists involved and creating disruptions or asking for restructuring plans?  Perhaps you’ve experienced shareholder churn as the company’s fundamental profile caused growth investors to give way to value or other types of investors.  We've helped our clients successfully and gracefully deal with all of these issues.  And as a result of the 20 years we spent on the buy-side, we've certainly "seen it all" and can cite numerous successes and failures of companies facing similar situations.


The Proof is in the Pudding

Multiple Expansion in the Face of Lowering Numbers
We worked with our public company client to reshape investor perception after a period of uneven performance and a restructuring.  Despite the company lowering the “out year” revenue forecast (leaving room to raise numbers during the year), the stock’s multiple expanded meaningfully to be more in-line with its peers.

A Revitalized Research Analyst Team

We helped our investment banking client’s publishing analysts recalibrate their franchises to be more relevant and useful to their institutional investor clients driving increased commission revenue.

Dramatically Improved Profitability at an Expert Network

We refocused our client’s proactive outreach process  to better align with their hedge fund clients’ investment strategies, dramatically improving yields and meaningfully increasing revenue and operating profit.