What Makes Us Different?

Nearly 20 years of experience as the investor on the other side of the table.

Plenty of IR consultants are smart, effective communicators.  But only we have the experience of nearly two decades of buying and selling millions of shares of stock as an institutional shareholder.  Jason has sat across the table from hundreds of CEOs and CFOs and drilled them with Q&A, analyzing their financial statements, prepared remarks, their tone and body language.  He's listened to tens of thousands of earnings conference calls and investment presentations, and poured over a similar number of transcripts and models.  He's listened to management teams ace Q&A and conversely has seen CEOs and CFOs at their worst handling investor criticism. He also knows how to spot an opportunity that the Street isn't properly understanding and can see when the fundamental value of a company isn't being reflected in its stock price and the reasons why.

Midcap Technology Sector Expertise

"I've seen this movie before and I know how it ends"
-Dan Benton, former portfolio manager and CEO of Pequot Capital and Andor Capital, former Institutional Investor All-Star Analyst at Goldman Sachs

Our area of specialty has always been technology companies and our experience following them dates as far back as 1998.  We've covered nearly every sector of the technology industry including:

  1. software
  2. Internet
  3. communications equipment
  4. networking equipment
  5. semiconductors
  6. mobile phones
  7. semiconductor capital equipment
  8. computing hardware
  9. services

Generally, our clients are midcap corporations with market capitalizations between $750 million and $10 billion.  We only service clients that trade on a US stock exchange, but have clients domiciled outside of the US.