Beginning with his training as a sell-side analyst at Morgan Stanley and continuing through his tenure as a buy side analyst and portfolio manager at Pequot Capital, Andor Capital, SAC, Aurarian Capital, and Calixto Global, Jason understands the stocks in the technology sector from all angles. Jason was the recipient of Institutional Investor Magazine's prestigious "Rising Stars of Hedge Funds" award, and was twice named as a "Best Technology Analyst" by Reuters.

Jason’s relationships across Wall Street and access to the most prominent investors in technology stocks allow him to provide exclusive guidance and counsel to his clients. His greatest skill is his ability to ask the right questions so that he can distill a company's differentiation, strategy and outlook into a digestible and analyzable format by investors. This enables him to reshape his clients' communication and relationship with the investment community.

Jason graduated With Distinction from the University of Virginia's McIntire School of Commerce.