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The Trusted Investor Relations Firm To The World’s Leading Public Companies.

We understand how stock market investors analyze companies - from their highest-level thematic views down to the minutiae of their earnings models and valuation tables. Our twenty years’ experience as investors at some of the world’s largest investment funds provides us with unique insight into how investors think about the investments they make and conversely, the opportunities they overlook.

This insight translates into valuable knowledge and actionable ideas for our clients.  From activist mediation to M&A strategy, earnings call preparation and investor presentation coaching, we help our clients position their companies for greatest understanding by investors.  We pioneered the most successful kind of investor relations – the kind informed by nearly 20 years of buying and selling stocks in companies just like yours. 

Is your stock not reflecting the value you and your board believe it’s worth?  Is your story confusing or has it been plagued by a few challenging quarters?  Are activists involved and creating disruptions or asking for restructuring plans?  Perhaps you’ve experienced shareholder churn as the company’s fundamental profile caused growth investors to give way to value or other types of investors.  We've helped our clients successfully and gracefully deal with all of these issues.  And as a result of the 20 years we spent on the buy-side, we've certainly "seen it all" and can cite numerous successes and failures of companies facing similar situations.



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These investor relations challenges are our specialty. We provide strategic guidance to companies seeking to improve their positioning with the investment community.
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Areas of Practice

Strategy Analysis

Imagine your largest investor is an insider – someone with whom you can share your yet-to-be-released strategic plans and who can provide you with valuable feedback based on historical precedent.  How will other investors perceive your plan? Where are the pitfalls and the risks?  What have other companies done when faced with similar challenges and how did the market react to those?  What have been the “best practices” other companies have pursued and how were these strategies best communicated to investors?  We provide the answers to these vexing questions so that you can focus on actually running your business.

Executive Coaching

Do you wish you had a coach who spent nearly 20 years as an investor in companies like yours to help prepare you for your most important Wall Street speaking engagements?  What questions should you anticipate?  How should you handle them?  What’s the best method to discuss unfavorable developments?  We “grew up” on the buy-side and have coached teams like yours through all parts of their business lifecycles.

Activist Shareholder Mediation

Activist investors can be a huge distraction to management’s ordinary running of the business – and while sometimes these shareholders’ demands may appear unreasonable, they often contain valuable insights and suggestions.  We have existing relationships with many of these investors and “speak their language.”  By acting as an intermediary between these investors and management, we provide a service that allows all parties to feel heard and understood while surfacing the most productive ideas in a safe and productive environment.

Earnings Call Preparation

Presenting quarterly results can be a challenge – even for the brightest leaders and the most prosaic speakers – if they don’t properly understand how their audience (investors) has been trained to listen.  We’ve listened to literally thousands of earnings calls and have dissected them, parsed the meanings of certain phrases, and compared current commentary to previous statements to discern changes – however minor or unintended.  We know how investors “hang” on every word management says and how critical it is to craft a message in a manner that properly represents its meaning.  We help shape your dialogue and set the tone and sentiment for your results to be best understood by the investment community.

Roadshow Strategy Consulting

Answering investor questions can be stressful as roadshows often present opportunities to speak with investors that run the gamut from growth to value, large to small, traditional to alternative, and from passive to active.  Understanding how to best speak with each kind can pose a challenge; speaking the language of a passive, traditional, value investor to an active, alternative growth investor can create problems for even the most stable business.  We provide actionable advice before your investor meetings and real-time guidance during your meeting schedule to help ensure your message is being received in the manner you intend.

Competitive Analysis

Do investors constantly ask you how you’re faring relative to your competitors?  Do you wonder sometimes how they seem to have better competitive intelligence than you?  We know how these astute investors operate – by speaking with competitors, former employees, industry analysts, and customers because we walked in their shoes for nearly 20 years.  We understand how to conduct this investigative research – both so that you can benchmark your product development roadmaps appropriately, and so that you can confidently answer investors about how your outlook fares relative to your competition.

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.
— Benjamin Franklin