IPO Advisory

When you're going public, it's important to "test the waters" to understand how investors will react to your story.  What kinds of questions will they ask?  What kind of disclosure will they require?  How will they react to your tone and the way you talk about the business?  Is your management team "Street ready" - meaning are they humble, polished and acutely aware of the way investors will ask questions?  Do they understand that they are often being scrutinized on so many levels and "baited" with potentially "trick questions"?

Capital markets bankers and traditional IR firms are fantastic resources, but unless they've been investors in IPOs and know what it's like to put their clients' money on the line in support of a deal, their perspective will be limited to that of an outside adviser.

Because of our nearly two decades as an investor in technology stocks, we've seen hundreds of IPOs.  From FB and GOOG to WDAY and DATA.  We've been involved in the most successful (and least successful) tech IPOs over the last 20 years and can help you understand exactly how investors will react to your story.