Meet Jason Gold

Jason Gold founded Unity Investor Strategies after spending 18 years as an institutional shareholder.

Mr. Gold is a buy side and capital markets expert and with nearly 20 years of experience, is a trusted adviser to C-suite executives and their investor relations professionals. His primary area of expertise is in understanding how investors and the sell-side analyze public companies and interpret management commentary.  He possesses a deep understanding of the processes, tools, and methods institutional investors and sell-side analysts use in their analysis and he uses this to provide his clients with specialty counsel on earnings and conference preparation and crisis communication.  Jason has gone through tactical behavior assessment training that taught him to read verbal and behavioral cues during meetings - a technique used by some investment firms to tell if people are telling the truth.

Prior to founding Unity Investor Strategies, Jason held senior leadership positions at several prominent investment firms including, Calixto Global, Andor Capital, Aurarian Capital, SAC Capital Advisors, and Pequot Capital.  Before becoming a buy side investment analyst in 1999, Jason began his investment research career as a research associate at Morgan Stanley.  His area of focus has always been technology stocks.  

Mr. Gold received a B.S. in Commerce from The University of Virginia, where he graduated With Honors. He was honored by Institutional Investor Magazine as a Rising Stars of Hedge Funds in 2008, and in 1999 and 2000 was the winner of a "Best Analyst" award from Reuters.  He has been featured in numerous investment publications including FIN Alternates, HFM, Fundmap, Hedgeweek, Institutional Investor's Alpha, and Opalesque.

Jason is a member of the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI), and American Mensa.  

He resides in New Jersey with his wife and their three daughters.