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Chief Executive Officer
Unity Investor Strategies  
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Wall Street can be a terrifying place.  Institutional investors – often shrouded in secrecy (because their investment process is their intellectual property) – lie at the center of this industry.  Corporate managers often don’t fully understand how institutional shareholders do their jobs – making it especially challenging for them to effectively do their own jobs when catering to these institutional investors is one of their key responsibilities.

This lack of understanding regularly drives confounding moves in stock prices without any easily identifiable explanation.  Before receiving proper training, corporate managers can sometimes fail to understand the “on the ground logistics” and the emotional component of how investors evaluate securities. This lack of understanding often causes confusion, frustration, and in many cases, a prolonged and unexplainable suppression of a company’s trading multiple.

I often tell my clients, "it’s not just about how a message is delivered by a company…it’s also about how that message is received by the investment community.”

Because of my tenure on Wall Street, I understand how a company’s message is received and I help my clients craft their messages in a way that can be best understood by shareholders and analysts.

I started Unity Investor Strategies after spending 18 years watching this “misunderstanding gap” grow ever wider and more prevalent with each passing year.  I spent my entire career as an analyst and portfolio manager at some of the most prominent investment firms on Wall Street and saw a niche opportunity to help these firms better understand their institutional investors.  
My time on the Street has provided me a unique insight into how these funds operate.  I understand what motivates them, how they analyze securities, how they make their buy/sell decisions, how they perform primary research, and how they consume the vast array of resources available to help them make informed investment decisions.

I use this experience to deliver uncommon insight to my clients.  This insight into how investors process information brings companies and shareholders closer together and yields better outcomes for all parties involved.  CEOs and CFOs suddenly begin telling their companies’ stories in ways that investors can digest and analyze – driving out valuation discrepancies that exist from investor confusion. 

Every situation is different and each requires a bespoke solution.  Yet when the common denominator is recrafting an equity story to institutional investors, Unity Investor Strategies delivers actionable insight to drive better outcomes for its clients.